When to fetch data with a service that uses http

I have looked around and have not found any definitive answer to this. I am currently calling my services data fetching function at the ngOnInit function of the home page of my app. It seems to be working good, but I am concerned that it is going to make an API call every time the user changes tabs or uses the side menu to come back home. I have seen that it is making the call when I do the setRoot function on the NavController. I am curious if I should be putting the service fetch data calls in my platform.ready function of the app.component.ts file instead. If so will this effect users who simply hit the home button on their phone (which most do) and do not fully close the app. In ionic 1 I had to place a call refreshing the app/data upon being re-opened from the background. Will I need to do this again or should what I have been fine? Thank you very much for your time and consideration on this matter. I hope your day is a great one!

The only true answer to this question is “when desired”. If you’re asking “where can I do something I only want done once?”, I would suggest the constructor of the application component.