When i should click on tab button url should load can any one help to give HTML code

import { ThemeableBrowser, ThemeableBrowserOptions, ThemeableBrowserObject } from ‘@ionic-native/themeable-browser’;

constructor(private themeableBrowser: ThemeableBrowser) { }

// can add options from the original InAppBrowser in a JavaScript object form (not string)
// This options object also takes additional parameters introduced by the ThemeableBrowser plugin
// This example only shows the additional parameters for ThemeableBrowser
// Note that that image and imagePressed values refer to resources that are stored in your app
const options: ThemeableBrowserOptions = {
statusbar: {
color: ‘#ffffffff
toolbar: {
height: 44,
color: ‘#f0f0f0ff
title: {
color: ‘#003264ff’,
showPageTitle: true
backButton: {
image: ‘back’,
imagePressed: ‘back_pressed’,
align: ‘left’,
event: ‘backPressed’
forwardButton: {
image: ‘forward’,
imagePressed: ‘forward_pressed’,
align: ‘left’,
event: ‘forwardPressed’
closeButton: {
image: ‘close’,
imagePressed: ‘close_pressed’,
align: ‘left’,
event: ‘closePressed’
customButtons: [
image: ‘share’,
imagePressed: ‘share_pressed’,
align: ‘right’,
event: ‘sharePressed’
menu: {
image: ‘menu’,
imagePressed: ‘menu_pressed’,
title: ‘Test’,
cancel: ‘Cancel’,
align: ‘right’,
items: [
event: ‘helloPressed’,
label: ‘Hello World!’
event: ‘testPressed’,
label: ‘Test!’
backButtonCanClose: true

const browser: ThemeableBrowserObject = this.themeableBrowser.create(‘https://ionic.io’, ‘_blank’, options);