When I click on a button - The function does not run

I am new at creating ionic html5 code.I can run my html5 script on Firefox, But when I load my script into my cell phone - the buttons and display come up like normal but when I click on a button the function does not run. Am I missing something in the html5 code when I load the compiled version to my Galaxy note3 cell?

I would plug the phone up to your computer and view the console/logcat to see if there are any errors. If there aren’t can you provide the markup for your button/function call or a codepen that reproduces the issue?

Thank you. What I did was simply add Alert boxes on some of the buttons and ran on my browser. I compiles and installed using the Alert boxes and the buttons worked! I cannot think of anything else I may have done to get the app going but now the buttons are working as they should!

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