When can we expect ionic meterial design


Hi #Max Lynch,
I developed around 5 applications in ionic . I am very much awaiting to work with material design in ionic.
So will you please provide ionic material design for developer .


Have you seen: http://ionicmaterial.com/ ?


Thats not full documented and not offically released.


I’m working on a project to bring Material Design to Ionic which isn’t as heavy as ionicmaterial.com https://github.com/delta98/ionic-material-design-lite it uses https://github.com/google/material-design-lite and means you don’t need to re-structure your ionic app or add additional styles you can use the ones available already and it will work automatically for the right platform, so Android can use material design whilst maintaining the flat iOS look.


It’s not that hard to implement this solution.

And don’t worry about the official release, Ionic was in beta status last two years.


@delta98: You should also consider deploying it here: http://market.ionic.io


I will, think it will be valuable to a lot of people.


I tried to implement that but thats not easy it consists lot of dependencies .


You’re correct, this is a heavily requested feature.

I will even promote you on my blog.


I had better get a move on then @Gajotres.

@sriteja09 What dependencies?


Can you give sample project and provide steps to run that application… like just in ionic we can creating app using command “ionic start myApp tabs” . Like that you can provide ionic material design app in your git. Please


My project isn’t finished yet, so that won’t be possible for sometime.


Brilliant … I’m currently looking at building a responsive website with Material Design Lite and when I would decide to offer a mobile App then ionic-material-design-lite sounds like a good candidate (because the website and the app would share the same look & feel). And it doesn’t look hard to integrate, just bundle the CSS and apply a couple of directives. Very clean and simple solution, looking forward to try it out.


Thanks leob,

I’ve been speaking to the core Ionic team about the best way to make it as clean and simple as possible.

Stay tuned!


Looks great! Love how it’d automatically update the existing components to material.

I am starting a new project, and have already had good exposure to angular-material. What’s your view on using ionic + ngMaterial vs ionic-material-design-lite ?


Thanks @jimmyho

The problem I see my project solving is that ngMaterial doesn’t allow you to use the existing components of ionic, so when you use ngMaterial you have to re-invent the wheel for side menus, dialogues and lists etc. Then you have the problem of only exposing material design to Android devices and not iOS.

So what ionic-material-design-lite does is takes the Google libraries and applies them to the ionic components and adds platform awareness so you only have to use ionic components and you get material design for free when you are detected on the android platform, you can also apply it to iOS by overriding it on the config provider bundled with the module.

I’m releasing RC1 on 31st Aug, let me know how your project goes it would be great to do some private testing and see how well it works in the real world prior to release. I’m currently using starter projects.