When can we expect a 1.0 final release?


Just curious when the 1.0 final release is scheduled to be complete. I’ve been singing Ionic’s praises to everyone that will listen and as soon as 1.0 final gets here my mobile team will be picking it up.


Unfortunately, no one can really give an answer to that question. The API is still changing almost daily. We’re planning a Beta 2 release next. No date on that either. So, there’s no way we could give a ballpark on a 1.0. release.

I know that’s not very encouraging. This is a massive undertaking. The Ionic team is really putting everything they’ve got into this and we’ll just need to be patient and help where we can.


Before 1.0, we’ve got to make sure Ionic is not only well-working and performant, but flexible as it needs to be to last the future.

We are making large progress though, and beta2 is coming pretty soon.