When a state is called, the view changes with jerk

Hi Guys,

I used the side menu template and created 3 states. The first 2 states have ion-list with 25 list items and the 3rd state is having text content.

When the first 2 states are called, the side menu closes and the views transitioned are very smooth. The header title transition to new text is also very smooth but when I call the 3rd state, by clicking on the menu > a for 3rd state, the view appears suddenly with a jerk and the side menu closes suddenly and the title is transitioned to. Then when I click for 1st or 2nd state, the same thing happens. But when I click for 1st state from 2nd state or for 2nd state for 1st state, the transition is very smooth.

Not able to figure out why this is happening. It is happening in ios emulator, lab and ionic view app.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.