What to look for in a Hot iPhone SE

Hi guys … I’m very new to Ionic and App dev in general. I’ve just built and app (or should i say customised an app) using Ionstore Premium … It works really well and was quite simple to customise. I’m just about to submit it to the App Store but in the interim i have side loaded it on my iPhone SE. One thing i have noticed is my iPhone gets hot very quickly when using it. Would any body be kind enough to explain what process may be causing this and possibly how to make it run more efficiently.

For anyone not familiar with IonStore, it pulls products directly from my WooCommerce/Wordpress site, so is it likely to be the effort involved in just fetching the products ?

Thanks for any advise you can give me.

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Are there similar apps you can compare yours to?

I’m sure there are lots of e-commerce apps but i don’t know if they are using Ionic & WooCommerce. I was just wondering if there was any way of monitoring an app in a local environment and see what processes are using the most resources or anything to debug or look for.

Thanks for your reply

Can you debug it with XCode?

Thanks for your reply … I’m very new to this. Obviously i’m building in Xcode and i’m not getting any errors and everything appears to be updated. I can launch in all the Xcode Simulators and on my iPhone … Everything is working fine but i’m just concerned about the heat developing in my Phone when using it. So are there any tools within Xcode to tell me what is causing so much CPU usage … or maybe i’m panicking about nothing lol.

In Xcode, you can select your iPhone SE and run analyze. Maybe XCode finds a problem.
You can also monitor the CPU, GPU and RAM usage.

Thanks so much for that information … I will look into it now that i know the functionality exists. I literally started learning this a few days ago. Really appreciate your help !

Thanks for all your help folks, having spent the day taking your advise i have found that there is nothing critical with the app, but pulling in all my product images on load seems to be exhausting. I’ve managed to compress all the images considerably which has improved performance somewhat. I think now i somehow need to look at caching images within the app, which currently doesn’t exist as standard. I think this would reduce the resource usage.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this, if you agree or not.

Thanks again !

If you know which pictures will be displayed on first start of the app, absolutely.
If the app currently downloads the same pictures multiple times, fix that.

Hi Susan, yes it would appear that it loads the images every time it even changes page and goes back, every time the app loads or does anything.

Obviously i built this using an ionic template so i’m fairly new to this, is there any plugin available that implements image caching simply ?

Thanks for your input !

Try to put on cache the product images to not reload from the server all the time.

check this plugin: GitHub - mlzxy/ionic-cache-src: A Ionic Plugin for caching, works for any tags, and will show a progress circle when the download is not done

Just load from server images from products on your case. Another images(Assets, icons and etc) try to use as asset on your application and icon as fonts.

Thanks mmonte … Just a question … Have you had any experience with that plugin ? Just wondering if it is effective and stable ?

Thanks again !

In my last project I used this plugin: https://www.npmjs.com/package/ng2-lazyload-image

It works fine and I hand no problems with it.

I hope the Ionic team will implement something like this soon.