What to do with this ERROR

i am getting a error like below and it appears to coming 8 to 10 times
please help as i have no idea about this and just started ionic a week back

LiveReload protocol error (invalid command ‘reload’, only valid commands are: hello)) after receiving data: “{“command”:“reload”,“path”:“www/js/controllers.js”,“liveCss”:true,“liveJs”:true,“liveImg”:true}”…

This does not seem to be an ionic error,
but an error of livereload.js: https://github.com/livereload/livereload-js

I guess you could try posting the problem there.

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@sagarDevanga Did you solve the LiveReload protocol error ? I ran in the same error today. I’m trying to simply call a REST endpoint using $resource.
I got the error when I try to access my $scope variable that should hold the endpoint response (JSON)