What should I read before starting?


Hello and good evening to everyone! :wave:

I’m studying licenciatura en sistemas in an university here in the south of Argentina, and I’m probably going to use Ionic framework next semester to do my final project (something for the computers museum we’ve got here!) to obtain the intermediate degree (analista de sistemas).

The thing is, I already know Java and a little of HTML and similars (XML, for example), and I have this question: knowing those languages, there’s something that I should read about before starting with Ionic?
I have a couple of weeks on July (winter vacations) to read stuff.

Thanks in advance for your replies! :slight_smile:

Greetings from Argentina,


Forget everything you know about Java, because TypeScript is going to look superficially similar in several ways, but work completely differently in ways that will frustrate and confuse you.

Then, go through all of the Angular docs. Only after you feel grounded in Angular itself, take a look at the Ionic conference app and use the Ionic docs for reference.


and if you do not know html very well and how good old JavaScript works and what the DOM does. Get some deeper basic frontend dev knowledge.


I hate to disagree with @bengtler, but I actually think lack of familiarity with the intricate inner workings of the DOM might actually be a bit of a vaccine when working with Angular. Those overly familiar with manual DOM manipulation seem to be more prone to rushing to use it as a crutch instead of seeking out a more idiomatic Angular way of doing things.


Thanks for your suggestions @rapropos and @bengtler, I’ll be sure to check those out! :relaxed: