What method to call on ion-refresh?

When you open my Ionic / Angular app in the browser of a mobile device (not the native app), pulling down on the page to refresh the page isn’t working like it would on other websites,

I think the solution around this is to add an ion-refresher to the code, but I’m not sure what method I should call when I refresh the page.

At the moment, I have no typescript code, it is all HTML for now, so I’m not sure what methods I need to call to refresh the page.

Can someone please tell me if using ion-refresher is the correct approach to resolve this problem?

Normally a Refresher only makes Sence if your Page loads Content from somewhere and displays it. For example makes an api call and display the result. Then you can call this method from the refresher to refresh the data from server.

If you have no ts Code, you don’t have dynamic Content right? Then a Refresher doesn’t semm to be usefull :smiley: