What is your development setup?

I’m using Ionic with Angular to write an iOS and Android app.
But most of the development I use ionic serve with Chrome, it’s fast and simple.

But now I realized that it’s getting harder when I have to use the native HTTP API to do fundamental things like talking to a rest api on my server. The native HTTP api is working for the iOS/Android app in production, but not in the web app mode I’m using for development.

I know that I there are options like live reload for iOS and Android but they are still lazy in my point of view.

So I’m asking you:
Do you prefer developing directly with iOS/Android emulator/devices or are you also using the web app and found a way around the troubles above?


For a complex app i use a service that derermines if it runs in browser, then use Angulars HttpClient and if it runs on device it uses native HTTP (because i need ssl pinning).

If i dont use SSL Pinning i only use Angulars HttpClient.

But in general i start developing on browser, but switch to devices really fast. Design Changes or designing new pages i do in browser too mostly because i can check the responsiveness best

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I often use mock backends built into the app that bypass HTTP entirely and instead return Observables of curated toy business layer data for the initial phase of development. This allows me to put off setting up an entire backend and middleware stack for a while.