What is this?: Will-change memory consumption is too high


I already saw this warning a couple of times - and I wonder: It is important? Whats causing this? and last but not least should I care about this warning?

Speicherverbrauch von “will-change” ist zu hoch. Die Budget-Grenze ist die Fläche des Dokuments multipliziert mit 3 (187850 px). Vorkommen von “will-change”, die das Budget überschreiten, werden ignoriert. 

or in english

Will-change memory consumption is too high. Budget limit is the document surface area multiplied by 3 (187850 px). Occurrences of will-change over the budget will be ignored.

I’m in Firefox.


Who else saw this warning ever? I’m sure I can’t be the only one…


I saw it when I over used will-change. How many times you have used it?


I don’t even knew what will change ment back then when I got this error,(i juet googled it) so I probably don’t used it in my css. Which ionic components use it, so that I can try avoiding too many instances of them in the future?


Same error there after loading two pages and click in one button, the result is always empty with this issue…