What is the status bar plugin and why does it black out the status bar?

I am using VS Code to edit and run an Ionic project for Android. Every time I started debugging, there was a message in the Debug console that says the status bar plugin was not found or something. So I searched Google to find out how to install that plugin, and I did install it.

I only installed the plugin and did not change my project’s source code in anyway, but now when I start my app, the status bar is completely blacked out. I cannot see the time and other icons. Other than that I do not find any feature of the plugin.

Why did the message kept shown that the plugin was not found and why does it black the status bar when installed. I do not think I need it. Can I remove the plugin and not see that message again when debugging?

PS: It is this plugin.

<plugin name="cordova-plugin-statusbar" spec="^2.3.0" />