What is the option to turn off build android style?

Today, I updated my Ionic CLI to v1.3.2. I’m try to use the starter project “tabs” test crosswalk, but there are new question.
When I build android platform, and run it on my phone, the UI looks like android style, not same in browser.

I want to build like browser, there are some solution?

OS: Windows 7
Browser: Chrome 39.0.2171.99 m
Node: v0.10.33
NPM: v1.4.28
Ionic CLI: v1.3.2

Just so you know, the Ionic CLI doesn’t affect the styling, it’s the build version of Ionic you are using (which is Ionic 1.0.0-beta.14).

I don’t know of a way to mass style the entire platform (maybe some hack way of assigning “ios” to $ionicPlatform.platform when it is android?), but you can use $ionicConfigProvider to override specific styles. Look at the tabs.style, tabs.position and navbar. alignTitle.

Thank you for reply, I got answer, cause Ionic added some css styles support for android, on my android emulator, document.body.className = "platform-android platform-cordova platform-webview grade-b platform-android4 platform-android4_3 platform ready".
But, I don’t like to override, if the hacks is more and more, my work is hard.
I’m only want to set something, then use ios rules, $ionicPlatform.platform = "ios" is not work. :fearful:

Yeah I wasn’t saying that would work, just that some way of hacking that could work.

I would just use override the styling in the config provider.


or, if you only want to override android:


Thanks! It’s work, I’m still try to find some better solution. :blush:

@brandyshea’s solution is the way to override the default android configurations.

Is there have some other ways?
I try to reset document.body.className to android and ios platform’s classes in browser, nothing changes.

Not really. Because we’re dealing with platform configurations in js, we’re using device information form cordova.


So we get the platform via cordova, and then use that in the configuration setup.