What is the difference between "sync to latest" vs "clear app data"

I am asking because I keep thinking that maybe if I’ll click on another button - something will change in my app.

Issue is: I am making changes in the HTML files but the app doesn’t change
So I’m clicking “sync to latest” then “clear app data”

But since I"m always doing so - I was wondering why it’s not the same button then ? :smile:
Clearly there’s a difference … so my que is - what it is ?

What is happening in the backend when I click “sync to latest” vs “clear app data” ?

I’m curios to know as well. I’m using ionic 2 and added an image and made some css changes and when I run “ionic serve” the latest changes show up, but when I used “ionic upload” I wasn’t seeing them until I hit “clear app data”.

As far as I know:

sync to latest: syncs to the newest files you have uploaded.

clear app data: clears all data saved on the device for that app like any localstorage and databases, permissions and cache.

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