What happens to ionic vue app when user clicks home button

I implemented logic where if some other application makes specific change an event is fired from Laravel backend to my ionic application and notification to user is being shown, but only if user is listening for that specific event (this is through Pusher and Laravel Echo).
My question is if for example user uses iPhone and then listens for that specific event but then he clicks home button which will hide the app, will that terminate application or will it refresh it, what will happen? Because when app is refreshed new instance of Laravel Echo is created which is no good because if user was listening to the event and now new instance is created he will not be subscribed to taht event.

I know i did not explain my question very well probably but thats best i can do.
The question is what happens when user runs ionic vue app on mobile and then click home button which hides application?


Depends on how long the app sits in the background.

on ios, if the app goes into the background for a short period of time (determined by the OS) it will just pause the app. If it’s in the background for a long time and resources need to be cleaned up, it will cause the app to be refreshed. It really depends on the device and system resources

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