What happened to @awesome-cordova-plugins/sensors Ambient light sensor

What happened to the plugin? Was it moved?
Everything I can find is either outdated or a 404 error, Sensors | Ionic日本語ドキュメンテーション is the only somewhat official looking site i found but the plugins appears to have moved?

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You should ask in the repo instead. Ionic has no say in what 3rd party developers decide to do with thier plugins.

according to ionics blog post ionic-native was moved to awesome-cordova-plugins; which is their official registry.

Ionic manages the @awesome registry so it is their responsibility. On their git it explicitly says that support should be done via these forums link.

The repo in itself for the sensors plugin are still up, but they have no control over ionics cordova awesome registry.

I am just looking for a reason why sensors was removed from the registry, if something was breaking or similar its fine i just want to know why and if i can work around it.

False, here’s the source It, literally says who is in charge in the first paragraph: A New Chapter for @ionic-native - Ionic Blog

The cordova-plugin-sensors has its own author (fabiorogeriosj).
The @awesome-cordova package is maintained from a community member, not ionic.

The @awesome packages are just a ionic wrapper for the plugins, to make them easier to use with ionic.

cordova-plugin-sensors hasn’t been updated in 4 years. A Lot has changed, more than likely it’s broken and the author abandoned it.

You are going to have to dig through the code and fix it yourself if you want it to work, or just make your own or google to check and see if there is a capacitor equivalent.


Ok, thanks for clearing it up!