What does "Disable Parenting" do in Ionic Creator?

Just trying to figure out what the disable parenting button does on a page in Ionic Creator. Any good explanations?


Please see this post.

Thanks, but you get a response in 24-72 hours? Its not really an issue, I just want to know what it does?


I posted the question yesterday through the Creator Questions & Support link but have not received a response.

Seems like a simple answer here would do some good for anyone else who may be wondering the same thing.


Hey @rgecy,

Intercom (the chat bubble) and email support is the primary channel for Creator, and this support is offered directly through the Creator team. If we had to pay attention to the forum frequently it would definitely slow down our ability to work on the actual Creator project, I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

I’ve responded to you from within Intercom, but here’s the response:

It removes any Side Menu or Tabs that have automatically been added to a page by removing them from that route/navigation stack. Please note that it can not remove the Side-Menu from a Side-Menu+Tabs project as it is at the index.html level (you’d have to do this after Creator export)

I’ve also added this in a tooltip next to the “Disable Parenting” option :slight_smile:

Have a good one,

Awesome! Thanks Matt.