What do you think about games with Ionic 2 (without graphiecs)?

What do you think about games that built with Ionic 2?
Games like: minesweeper, sudoku, 2048 and etc…
Is that a good idea?
It required alot of work for design? Ionic 2 components and navigation are not fits game…

I’ve not tried, but my assumption is that Ionic is not well suited for something like this. Perhaps use Cordova straight up. If graphics are intense, develop native and stay away from JS.

It should be possible, if games are not graphically or CPU intensive.

Check this Minesweeper Angular 2 implementation : http://www.jvandemo.com/how-to-build-minesweeper-using-angular-2-and-immutable-js/. Do not miss the follow-up with the optimisation.

The games you mentioned should be no problem to be implemented with Ionic 2. But most of the design and interaction would probably have to be built manually - as you already figured out the default Ionic 2 components will probably not be usable to build a great game.