What changes do I need to make to an Ionic 1 app to use Lock 11?

I have a Ionic 1 app currently running Lock 10.

I’ve seen all this stuff about endpoints being deprecated July 14th.

From what I can see, the login will continue to work with Lock 10 - just the ssodata and userinfo endpoints will stop working.

So… How does one convert to Lock 11 on my Ionic 1 app?

I’ve seen tutorials for Ionic 2/3 but none for Ionic 1.

Should I go for universal login? If so how? Do I use auth0-cordova? In which case how do I test that locally? AFAIK, I cant.

Or do I follow the Auth.js route and shoehorn it into Ionic 1?

I have read a lot and done a lot of searches but I haven’t seen Ionic 1 mentioned in relation to Lock 11.

In short - I’m simply not sure what to do here about upgrading to Lock 11 - or if I even need to?

Thank you in advance!