What are the benefits of an organization account (Team plan)?

Hi there! this is my first post in this forum…
Mine isn’t a technical question… just details about the billing plans…
I can’t really understand what are the benefits of a Team account (instead of a Developer Account).

What is the meaning, in practice, of having available an organization account?

…and if you can be so nice to explain me what activity feeds stand for…

thanks everybody


Enterprise-Grade App Development Pricing Plans - Ionic lists additional features:

  • Organization account
  • Deploy to 100K active users Need more?
  • Team collaboration
  • Activity feed
  • 90 day error history

The FAQ further down offer this explanation:

What’s the difference between Developer, Business, and Enterprise?
Our paid plans offer varying levels of services and usage limits that are designed to meet the needs of different audiences. The Developer plan is ideal for serious app builders looking to accelerate development and build higher quality apps. The Business plan offers a complete app building platform for teams and organizations working collaboratively or with larger scale apps. Finally, the Enterprise plan is targeted at larger organizations that want the peace of mind of additional support services and training, simplified licensing and custom billing.

What’s included in the Teams & Organizations feature?
Teams and organizations allows you to invite development team members, testers, and other collaborators, to participate in app development and track the progress of your projects. Granular permissions allow Ionic Pro administrators to add and remove team members and control who has access to which projects.