Weird errors when restarting my app using angular.bootstrap


Hi everyone,

we have an Ionic app that can inject some JS code retrieved from server. At some point we want to “reset” the app (undo the JS injection). To do so, we’re trying to use use angular.bootstrap to restart our app.

After this restart we have some problems with Ionic. For example, I cannot scroll in my main view. If I open the side menu and close it, then I am able to scroll. Also, sometimes when going back I end up with a weird state between views (I see a mix of cached views, not the one I should see).

For now we’re just using location.reload to reload everything, but we’d like to improve this because it’s a bit slow in real devices.

Is there a way to “reset” Ionic so we don’t have these UI problems? I tried using $ionicHistory clearHistory and clearCache but the errors are still there.

Thank you!