Weinre in Ionic project

I want to debug my application with weinre for this purpose I watched weiner videos so I added weinre script in index.html file and run android emulator but I could not enabled weinre! it seems it can’t find any app for debugging.
In videos when app is running on emulator weinre can find it, but I don’t no why it does not worked for me.
For emulator I test it in Genymotion and android SDK emulator. Also I enabled usb debugging in emulator.
Please note that I don’t use real device for debugging and I want to debug with emulator.
Please let me know is it possible for debugging Ionic app with Weinre?
Also I should say that I checked http://localhost:8080 in emulator browser and it can not find weinre but this address works in host(Ubuntu) browser.

I found issue by finding my ip address and using it in both client and host. for doing it in ubuntu I used sudo ifconfig and found my wlan ip address like addr: and using address in host and script <script src=""></script> in ionic app.
Please refer to below link.