Webtrends : Not able to load wtid.js on device

I am using webtrends for my ionic application to track various events in the app which, in turn should be reflected in a portal dashboard. I am able to track the data and able to send the parameters from angular code side.

I have a file called webtrends.min.js which loads internally the wtid.js file with parameters dcid and dcdomain. The dcdomain is “statste.webtrendslive.com”.

In Browser : This is making an http call for dcdomain. Eg. https://statste.webtrendslive.com
In device : For dcdomain, it is treating it as a file and prefixing the dcdomain with file:///statste.webtrendslive.com…

Now here is the real issue, It is not able to search for file:///statste.webtrendslive.com….
If I am changing the url format in webtrends.min.js :stuck_out_tongue: which I shouldn’t (i.e., I am hardcoding the url to be prefixed with http), then it’s working fine.
**Is there any other way in which we can do it instead of hardcoding the prefix(i.e., http) in the webtrends.min.js as it’s a library file ?

Thanks in advance for the help.