WebIntent send URI to CISCO AnyConnect

Help me, please

import { IntentOptions, WebIntent } from '@ionic-native/web-intent/ngx';

constructor(private webIntent: WebIntent)

connectOptions:IntentOptions = {
    action: this.webIntent.ACTION_VIEW,
    url: 'anyconnect://connect/?name=conname&prefill_username=username&prefill_password=pass&prefill_group_list=grp'


not works, nothing happens

but, if i put this URI into the IntentLauncher app - it works

link to CISCO commands:

anyconnect:[//]create[/]?name=Description&host=ServerAddress[&Parameter1=Value&Parameter2=Value …]

I’m not sure what you are asking, can you please provide a sample project or some steps to reproduce? There’s nothing here for use to work off of.

@mhartington I prepared the very simple app with only one button which calls “tel:” app.
When I press that button, nothing happens.
Also, no modification in android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml