Web version works, iOS doesn't

Okay guys, I am really struggling here. My app is almost complete, everything works great in the browser so I am off to testing in iOS. The part of the app that isn’t working is the functionality to favorite a bible verse which adds it to an array. I store all of this in a factory and use this factory to store it in local storage and display it and stuff. Again this works in the browser but when I click the favorite button in iOS nothing happens. I used console logs everywhere and pinned the problem down to one line. Here is the code I have issues with:

.factory(‘User’, [’$localstorage’, function($localstorage){
var o = {
favorites: [],
newFavorites: 0

o.addVerseToFavorites = function(verse){
if(!verse) return false;

// o.favorites[0] = verse;

return true;

So the problem is with the o.favorites.unshift(verse); line. In this case it will print out fish but not cat and nothing happens. If I use the commented out line of code, it works but obviously this isn’t the functionality I want. If anyone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated.