Watching incoming sms?

hi , i tried to use the cordova-plugin-sms to listen to the incoming sms and do some action based on sms containt, based on the doc there is an event


but nothing happen , i use the code in this plugin but nothing,

anyone know any idea to help me to do this ? any other plugin ?

any working example ?

What platform? For example, you can’t do this on iOS platform.

And here’s another Android plugin which should be able to do that:

@Gajotres am using android platform. and i need to read sms , listen to sms when they come and get the text inside each sms.

Hi @firaskudsy and @Gajotres, I know the post is only but I’m still facing the same issue on Android. Can you please point me to the right direction.

In addition to this question, can the app listen and read the SMS even if it’s closed?

Hii, See this complete guide to integrate in your project working in Android with Ionic 3