Want My Money Back i accidentally updated my Account

Hello Sir Please i accidentally updated my CARD and from my card Debited RS 3277.93 from my account , please i dont want to use pro plan , can you please revert my money to my account , you can also deactivate my account , i am waiting for you best replay . Regards Amit M Chauhan

Hello Sir , Please Can You Revert My Money To MY Account , I am new to Ionic ,before i am just using the trial plan to learn ionic , when my trial plan is over they said that “Please Update your Card to access to Creator Project” so i just updated My Card when that time i don’t get any verification , they just debited my money without any kind of verification so , How’s This possible ? can you please take action on these ??? i am Waiting For Your Fast Reply

Nothing a community forum can do. You have to contact support: http://ionicframework.com/support#support

But The Support Team Wont Respond Me One Single Message , How Irresponsible Support is This ??

i already contact Support Submitted My Request Two Times … Didn’t Get single Replay From Their Suppot …

It’s a sunday, come on, give them at least 2-3 working days to reply.

Even so, we here can’t do a thing as we are just users as yourself.

Bro They Debited Money On Sunday … Without Support Team ,that makes sense …right ?

The thing is, you subscribed for something and now you are charged… probably according to terms you agreed with (with or without reading the terms). It is not them who is being irresponsible.

I understand that for whatever reason you want the money back, but there is no breach of contract. So you’re basically asking for a favor from them to get a refund.

No amount of complaining in a community forum is going to get you any goodwill. Because - as others have said - we cannot do anything about it.

Your best bet is to wait for their reply. If it takes too long, you can probably call your bank / credit card company to reverse the transaction, but that will result in a new card being sent to you.

I am guessing you will eventually get a refund, but not because of your attitude, it will simply be because a chargeback is more expensive than a refund.

In any event, you are asking for a “favor” please do not complain so much.

i am not complaining , i am requesting to support team. and you didn’t Notice One of My Point That i said on my first Notice … is if you don’t know then i repeating agian :"They Debited Money Without Any Kind of Verification . didn’t get any kind of PIN Number OR OTP or Something That I confirm with That For Debiting Money . or didn’t open any web page that has secure connection PROTOCOLS Like HTTPS " i know they are using STRIPE PAYMENT GATEWAY . But where is the Web page Of Confirmation without asking to end USER ??? Technically they got my card info , and if i am not aware of that may be they debited again without any kind of verification … …Then What should I do ? Can i Deactivate MY Bank Account or What ? . Did you Add Your Card info ever ? . With Verification By You ? If that’s Not happen Then Your Card Details Wont be Safe Bro . I am Programmer. I do Experience in Technical. And i believe in Terms And Conditions But Not Like this .

Yeah, this leads to nothing here.

You have to talk to people of Ionic, and for doing that you use the support form I linked to. There is no other way.