Want a button after taking an image

Hii ,
I am working on Ionic project where i am using camera for taking pictures .the thing is i want a submit button after clicking the image ,how can i do that can anyone help me with that.
thanks in advance.

maybe you can use a button thats hidden property is bind to boolean in your ts. If you click on the image, then set the boolean to false.
in html

<button [hidden]=ishidden>Take me home, country road</button>

in ts

this.ishidden = false;

Best regards, anna-liebt

I consider magically appearing and disappearing buttons to be confusing to users, and prefer disabling them instead of hiding them.


yes that’s the better approach. Should be then…

<button [disabled]='isdisabled'>Take me home, country road</button>

Best regards, anna-liebt