Wanameet application demo



It was courageous design to start develop Cordova application based on Ionic framework. Today I can tell that it was the best bet :).

Some features are a bit complicated and took us time to write but totally took us (for sure) less time if we would use the native way.

Before We will post ‘Wanameet’ application in Google play I want to share some apk here on this forum.

Some reference (you can skeep ;))

Wanameet automatically creates meeting groups for people you want to meet, and allows you to easily schedule meetings with them. Select the best time for the meeting directly from WanaMeet and schedule your meetings.
Track your meeting status directly from WanaMeet, and receive notifications as your participants respond to your meetings.

For now we have only Android version (4+). It uses 1.0.0.beta.12.

You can download it here: wanameet-prestore

Some screenshots:

Some tips for beginners:

  • To support different device resolutions we used rem instead px. It works great. Tested on S2/3/4/5 Nexus 4/5 HTSs/Sony

  • Performance: use bindonce plugin to remove not relevant watchers. It should improve performance a lot. (don’t tell that it doesn’t help - it does!!! :wink: Just check that you use it properly). In addition if you want to use watcher once, I suggest to use $broadcast instead because it fires only once and there is no performance penalties.
    In addition we used complicated images as base64 string generated on native side.

Please send your feedback: issues, performance ans so on.

Thank you,


Nice work @shoustin! :smile: