Wakanda The JavaScript App Factory

Hi all,

I searched for the “Wakanda” keyword but couldn’t find any articles.

On their home page they claim it supports Angular, Ionic and Cordova.

Is anyone using it?

It’s opensource available at http://wakanda.github.io/


Yes Wakanda supports Angular, Ionic and Cordova.

I have successfully imported my Ionic Creator app (or your ionic code if you are not using Creator) in Wakanda Studio.

Some docs here:


Thanks for replying. :smile:

Did you figure out their pricing system? They talk about connecting 3rd party databases at a cost but they did not give detailed information.

Overall it looks nice, it seems to be one step further than the ionic labs desktop client.

If you want to connect to third party database there is:

  • For the development, you can take the dev version of Wakanda
  • For the production, the first version with MySQL connector is the bronze version.

For more information you have the pricing table here: http://www.wakanda.io/pricing

You also must know that today, Wakanda can connect to MySQL and LDAP system.
Wakanda will soon have an ODBC connector to connect to a lot of databases like Oracle, MSSQL, PostGreSQL, etc…

As an example, you can find MYSQL connector documentation here: http://doc.wakanda.org/home2.en.html#/MySQL-Connector-Pro/MySQL-Connector-Pro.100-1168858.en.html

This is the part which is confusing. What if I want to connect to a remote NoSQL database like Firebase?

Today, I think that the best solution to connect to Firebase is to call Firebase REST API from Wakanda Server.
This is something due to the saas system of Firebase.

I hope it’ll help you.

The biggest problem with Firebase is AngularFire and REST Api does not support offline mode. It actually is not mentioned around the projects which promote of Firebase use with ionic, and all of a sudden you realize that there is no offline mode…

It is pretty useless as a backend service if it doesn’t have offline data sync support out of the box.

It has that support for native SDKs but not for JS/REST or AngularFire…

This is not related to Wakanda obviously.