Wait for function calculation to finish, then launch filter

Please start by removing all ng-controller attributes from your templates. You need to tell the app which controller to use for which state in app.js not in html. Then come back here, if it doesn’t work I am happy to help further :blush:

ok will and revert soon!

well, so I have removed controllers anywhere I could, but I leave it where it caused problem if removed :

  • ng-controller="searchController": live search does not work if removed from html in templates/search.html
  • 'ng-controller="dishTypeListController"categories to filter dishes does not display if i remove controller from the templates/pages/wm_main.html
  • ng-controller="loadingCtrl" in most pages (don’t think it is a problem?)

but this has no effect in function running properly :frowning: !

@yurinondual anychance you could see what was wrong ?

Hello, sorry for delay. I cannot see it straight away, and don’t really want to read through all of your code. If you can provide a plunkr with a problem i can fix it there for you. I can recommend jsut refactoring states / abstract states etc… Read about nested states and ui-router views in ionic also maybe…

thanks for your time @yurinondual, I understand, no problem :smile: