VS2015 add->new item->ionic 2 provide (not there)

I am just getting into Ionic, angular and vs 2015 (already use 2015 for certainn c# projects)

So having followed the instructions so far I am doing the first “Weather App” tutorial. The taco website says execute “ionic g provider Weather” but I don’t have that. The “microsoft” website says " Add -> New Item. In the dialog that appears, select Ionic 2 Provider" but Ionic 2 Provider is not an option.

I am guessing I need to install/add a plugin from somewhere.
It may be that I cannot see the wood for the trees but what do I download/install to add the “Ionic 2 Provider” to my VS New Item list?


Could you provide a link please?

Could you provide a link please?

That is a command to be executed on the command line in your project directory. You installed the ionic' CLI tool earlier in the process executing npm install -g ionic` on the command line, didn’t you?