Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova stops work correct after update

I am developing ionic application with Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova. Everything was OK until I updated Tools for Apache Cordova and TypeScript Tools for Visual Studio. After this update Ripple emulator became unstable and get the next error in Output window.

message:Debugger agent is not enabled
The source map '' for file 'mdha:' could not be read from the specified location due to error 'Exception of type 'TypeScriptSourceMapReader.SourceMapReadFailedException' was thrown.'.

I am not using TypeScript in my project and isn’t familiar with it. What can I do for fix it? I guess I can remove my updates.

Could anybody suggest me any other better way?

I’m having the similar issue with TypeScript after ApacheCordova update does your buld pass successfuly ?

Severity Code Description Project File Line
Error TS6053 Build: File ‘C:/Users/Stjepan/workspace/apps/ctnfecli/platforms/windows/www/lib/angular-local-storage/LICENSE.ts’ not found. CordovaApp.Windows C:\Users\Stjepan\workspace\apps\ctnfecli\platforms\windows\VSTSC 1


Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova uses same port for debugging after update v2.

There are two way to walk over this issue.

  • Use JavaScript Console of Visual Studio. Frankly, this way is OK for me when I am developing on PC with two displays (I runs emulator on one screen and debug with Visual Studio on another), but a bit uncomfortable when I am developing on Notebook with one screen.
  • Run a solution without debugging (CTRL+F5), in this case VS’s debugger isn’t attached to browser. This looks as simple solution, but you need to be aware that in this case breakpoints don’t stop run-time and you have to use debugger; keyword.