Visual Studio 2015: cannot find module v2 (SOLVED)

I am trying to develop an app using Ionic 2 within Visual Studio 2015. I decided to add messaging using RabbitMQ, so I installed the libraries via npm

npm install amqplib

Once I wanted to import the library to my component ```import * as amqp from ‘amqplib/callback_api’;

    TypeScript error: C:/Users/anton/Source/Repos/SnappyMap/app/components/map.component.ts(3,23): Error TS2307: Cannot find module 'amqplib/callback_api'.

As I was told [here]( when dealing with a similar issue, I installed the typing definition for this module and the error disappeared from the *Error List*. The problem comes when I try to run the app: the *cannot find module* message appears again in the gulp builder and the app does not work correctly:

<img src="//" width="690" height="37">

I would like to know if the problem was not solved when installing the typings or if it is an issue related to the gulpfile. Thanks in advance!.
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