VirtualScroll issues

VirtualScroll has a massive performance improvement on my test data of 237 contacts running on iPhone 4S & iPad 2. However, there are several issues I have with it, some of which have been reported before, but not all:

  1. When using headers, the last header (Z in my case) always displays [object Object]
  2. Orientation change scrolls the list back to the top
  3. Sticky item dividers don’t stick (iOS)
  4. Initial scrolling jerky on iPhone 4S & iPad 2
  5. Scroll to top doesn’t work when tapping on the top status bar on iOS
  6. No scrollbar indicator on iOS
  7. No bounce at scroll end on iOS

I have exactly the same problem for the last item.

We also have the same problem with last item with 2.0.0-beta.10 - is there any progress or solution yet?

I had opened an issue for this on github some weeks ago.So the dev team knows about it, but they don’t seem to have planned a fix for this.

Maybe you should add a comment about your problem to that issue, too.