VIN scanner giving error in ios but working in android

I am using this VIN barcode scanner:

It is working fine with android but giving error when build with IOS,

attached error,

I am using ionic 2,

error: Symbol not found for architecture x86_64…


What exact command are you using to build?
What is your ionic info output?
Can you build a new app created with ionic start?

Hi, thank you for your reply,
i am using ionic build ios to build it.
all other apps works fine and this app also without vin scanner plugin.
when i add this plugin and build it gives that error

Just a hunch:

  1. Try cordova build ios please.
  2. If this doesn’t work, try cordova build ios --device please.

hi, thanks for your reply …
I tried cordova build … same result :frowning:
didn’t tried --device… will try

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