Viewing the shadow DOM

Is it possible to view the “raw” shadow DOM, without compiling to Andriod / iOS / etc? I’d guess that just running ionic serve and looking at the “Elements” pane in the browser dev tools would mean that the browser can re-write the DOM before the developer sees it?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “raw”, but what you get with ionic serve on the desktop in the browser is basically the same as what you will get after compiling for, say, Android and debugging the Android app with the Chrome developer tools.

What works on the desktop with ionic serve should, generally speaking, also work on any mobile apps you build without modification.

Right, thanks. My concern is that the browser may have changed the DOM before displaying it, and I was wondering whether it’s possible to see the DOM before the browser has a chance to change anything.

The reason for asking, is that we’ve sometimes seen HTML validation bugs in unit tests (e.g. one element should not be nested inside another) but then we’ve had difficulty finding those nested elements in the Chrome / Firefox dev tools.