View titles disappear every other page on Android

This is a very strange one.

I am using the latest version of Ionic, with nav views and view-title specified, the title is only shown every other page.
It does the same even when emulating on Chrome, but only with Android devices.

Anyone who’s had a similar problem?

Could you reproduce this in a codepen or plunker?

same thing, i have put image like title in first view and is show in other page

OK I’ll try to isolate the problem, it may take a while…


it took a little but I’ve finally found what the problem was: the animation.
If use the ios animation the problem disappears.


  • the problem appears after the third transition
  • the title is not actually hidden, it’s just moved some pixels to the left
  • the problem appears every other page
  • the problem appears only with Android devices (even emulated in Chrome)

It is still helpful to provide a codepen or plunkr so I can see your code structure and reproduce the issue. It’s easier to help that way. :smile:

I also ran into this issue, but when enabling ios transitions on android, the animations are terribly sluggish and slow. Is there any workaround? For me this mostly happening in combination with the android back button.