View flickers when side menu is opened on iOS 9.1

I’m seeing a flicker when I open the side menu on my app. I’m on iOS 9.1, Ionic 1.1.0.

The whole app flashes white for a split second right when I press the button to open, but not when I close the menu.

Anyone else seeing this?

Try these links

I’ve already added that patch, it does not solve my issue. I guess I need to investigate further.

I have this issue too. If ever someone find a fix.

Adding the WKWebView plugin fixes this issue. I have not fully tested with it yet, but it’s the only solution I’ve found so far.

Unfortunately, installing the plugin don’t seem to fixes the flickering issue in my case :frowning:

Did you injected the module name in the app dependencies?

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oh that’s the trick! Thx ^^

After digging deeper, I found the issue was that the .overflow-scroll parent item was flashing on top of the child .scroll item. It essentially made the view flash with whatever background color was used below it.

I’ve isolated this issue to the -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch style on .overflow-scroll. If I remove this property or change it, the flash disappears. Not sure what affect that has on the rest of the app though.

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Could you open an issue on github? So it can be fixed in future release.

I also have the same issue. When i remove the CSS property ‘-webkit-overflow-scrolling’ or override it

.overflow-scroll {
    -webkit-overflow-scrolling: auto !important;

the flickering disappears. But at the same time the scrolling behavior changes. When scrolling a list
and releasing the finger the scrolling stops immediately.

So the question is how we can get rid of the flickering but not changing scrolling behavior?

anybody got this working?
I’m also experiencing this flashing behaviour and it looks really bad.

using -webkit-overflow-scrolling: auto !important; on .overflow-scroll does remove the flicker, but the native momentum scroll is gone, which can’t be a solution.

any ideas?

Came across this same issue. Have you found a solution? Using

-webkit-overflow-scrolling: auto

works, but it disables the native scrolling momentum, which is not ideal.