View controls stop working unless refresh page

I have a side menu app, you select an option and it loads the view. From there, there is a button that loads another view, so that view has a Back button. On this new view, there is 2 input boxes and a button. I can’t click on the input boxes and type or click on the button, unless I refresh the page. I’m using Safari to test. The controller for this new view is running, because I’m prepopulating the text box. I’m not sure what to look at next. Any ideas?

With out a codepen or plnkr to look at, it’s kind of hard to find out what the issue is. Can you post a demo please?

I’ll have to work on pulling together a demo. But I did find out something interesting. On the 2nd view that has the controls that don’t work, if I slide the view to the right just a bit to expose the side menu and then let the view snap back, then all the controls start to work after that.

Here is the codepen that illustrates the problem:

If you pull up the side menu, drill down on one of the Lists, then click the + to add a new item, you will see that you cannot type in the textbox or click the Do Something button. Thanks for your help.

Here’s your issue.

  <ion-nav-buttons side="right">
    <button menu-toggle="right" class="button button-icon icon ion-plus" ng-click="newItem()"></button>

The remove the toggle or replace it with menu-close and all is good .

menu-toggle will, as it’s name suggests, toggle a side menu. But this also prevents any internaction on ion-content that exsists outside the side menu. People brought up that you could still interact with the side-menu-content when the menu was open so we put this in place to resolve it.