Video on repeat leads to black screen

Hey everyone

I’m building an app where we have a main page where a video is in the center. On the bottom i have a scroll bar where we can navigate to another page. This page has a slide show that contains videos and images.
The videosare located on the device itself. The video is set to autoplay (so it starts playing when the view is ready) and it is on repeat.

Now the repeat seems to be broken, after a longer period of time and switching between views all the videos default to a black screen.

You can see some screenshots below !

Does anybody know how I can fix it or if it is a common problem ?

 <video ng-if="main_content_type == 'video'" frameborder="0" class="main_video" autoplay="true" loop="true">
      <source ng-src="{{trustSrc(main_content_src)}}" type="video/mp4"/>