Video has no sound when ringer is off in iOS. - How to get iOS to treat video sound as video and not sound effects

I’m building a video player app for a client who keeps her ringer muted at all times.
She has an issue that she’s not able to hear the sound in her videos.
She eventually figured out that it’s because her ringer was off.
After researching I learned that the video player is likely going through the “Sound Effects” channel when it should be going through the “Video” channel.

From a post on github:

When you mute your iPad, you won’t hear these sounds:
Sound effects
Game audio

You’ll still hear sound from your media, such as these:
TV shows

So the problem is most likely that she’s not hearing sound because it’s not playing from a media chanel.
How can I fix this?
Is there a setting that can change the output channel?
Is there an existing plugin to fix this?
I’ve looked into it and I haven’t found a good solution short of writing my own Cordova plugin.

When you upgrade to WKWebView this problem will be resolved.