I’m using cordova-plugin-video-editor to transform a video that either I capture with cordova-plugin-media-capture or get from a file from storage (typically recorded with the same device same camera).

I had reports about errors in Google Pixel 2, and I decided to try to Google Pixel 2 emulator (android studio).

When the plugin tries to transcode the video it gets an exception error:

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): net.ypresto.androidtranscoder.engine.InvalidOutputFormatException: Audio codecs other than AAC is not supported, actual mime type: audio/3gpp

On other devices it seems to work fine.

Anyone bump onto this issue before?
Does anyone know if this is issue with the emulator or not?

Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

BTW my encoding params are:

      outputFileNamePrefix: "my-application-", // the file name for the transcoded video
      outputFileType: 1, //1=.MPEG4, // android is always mp4
      optimizeForNetworkUse: 1, //1=YES, // ios only
      saveToLibrary: true, // optional, defaults to true
      deleteInputFile: false, // optional (android only), defaults to false
      maintainAspectRatio: true, // optional (ios only), defaults to true
      width: 640, // optional, see note below on width and height
      height: 640, // optional, see notes below on width and height
      videoBitrate: 1000000, // optional, bitrate in bits, defaults to 1 megabit (1000000)
      fps: 24, // optional (android only), defaults to 24
      audioChannels: 2, // optional (ios only), number of audio channels, defaults to 2
      audioSampleRate: 44100, // optional (ios only), sample rate for the audio, defaults to 44100
      audioBitrate: 128000// optional (ios only), audio bitrate for the video in bits, defaults to 128 kilobits (128000)

Thanks in advance