Vertical touchscreen scrolling not working in Ionic with Windows


I have an app being developed through ionic/cordova and its working perfectly fine on Android & iOS. However on the windows tablets you can only scroll by using 2 fingers… I don’t understand what would cause that to be the case on windows. The developer believes this is because windows allows for both mouse gestures and touch gestures.

Does anyone have any idea how to make it so that the app on windows would work using only 1 finger. The odd thing is 1 finger works for horizontal swiping, just not vertical.


Does no one have any ideas?


Did you ever find the solution?


Yes, it just needed this:

body {
-ms-content-zooming: none;
} on

app.css. Ionic.css & scss/_util.scss


body {
-ms-content-zooming: none;
it’s not working
explain your full answer .