Vertical ion-scroll not implemented correctly as footer button overlays list components

I am having a bit of a problem setting up ion-scroll on one screen in my Ionic mobile application. On my application’s **Book **page, wherein I have the two problems:

  1. The **Confirm **button does not integrate too well with the list component. I’d like it to remain fixed at the bottom but at the same time, I would like the list to fit around it somehow. I am not sure how to do this and would appreciate some guidance in this area.

  2. The list does not seem to want to scroll at all, so I can’t see any of the list items beyond “Winter Check” on my iPhone4 which I am using for testing. There is one more item, “Timing Belts” which cannot be seen.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can get vertical scroll properly working on this screen? My code on this screen is as follows:

I’ve created a CodePen here: Just click on the What service are you after? text field to view the list.