versionCode problems with new Gradle build?

My version code specified in config.xml gets postfixed with an ‘8’ when I upload my apk to Google. I’ve been speaking to Google CS and they seem to think it’s related to my Android Studio gradle scripts. I mentioned I’m building with cordova/ionic but it doesn’t seem like they can help me. Anyone else having issues?

I’m having the same problem on Mac. Also, I can’t get my versionCode to update at all unless I remove and re-add the platform. Did you ever figure anything out?


I’ve just spend a few hours looking into this as I had the same problem.

Turns out (for some reason, I have no idea what the point is) that the build.gradle file manipulates whatever is set using the android-versionCode setting in the config.xml.

Firstly it adds a string “0” to the end so if you set android-versionCode to 1 it turns it into “10” and then parses the int.
Then, depending on the minSdkVersion, it increments this number by either 8 or 9, leaving you with 18.

Annoying I know, but this is why it is happening!