Variable PHP Sessions in iOS APP not working


We have build a webview APP for both Android and iOS. We have the APP already in the Google Store working fine and with no problem.

But, with iOS we have the next problem: Every time a page is loaded, any $_SESSION variable we have, is deleted, like is refreshed every page it loads. So, we can access to the first page of the APP, but when we log in, it does come back to the main page without any session var. stored. Is there any way to store this variables within iOS or is there any way to handle this?

Thanks in advance.

same problem with my quasar webview/iframe, when the page is loaded inside the page it only read current session but when redirect to another page the sessions is set to null. i also tried cookies and js local storage but still did not work when you redirect from another page. im stil looking for answer.

I wouldn’t rely on cookies for authentication/sessions. I would use an API/bearer token. Cookies aren’t guaranteed to stick around between app sessions with a Capacitor app. See this discussion for some ideas - Best way to store Bearer token from API? - #2 by twestrick.