Validation of ionic for use in medical application

Hello we use ionic + vue as a framework to develop our iOS/Android app which will be classified as medical software. We would be interested to know if the “ionic + vue” framework was ever validated for the use in medical software and what kind of validation it went through. In general any information on “ionic + vue” or ionic or vue validation of any kind would be of interest. Thanks in advance.

Does not matter what framework you’re using. This varies depending on region, field and others but typically, the medical institutions that will be using any app has guidelines. Contact them for this information. No one here can provide you useful specific information.

Since any kind of validation should include a testing phase in which the intended functionality of the framework is tested, I suppose we could use at least this part or we could use some advice from someone who did some similar validation of the framework. Don’t you think so?

I’ve done enterprise level medical apps with angular, vue and react for several regions of the world. As for validation of the framework, this is up to the CTO or you (if your the lead of the project) to have the proper knowledge and training to implement security in the application. Medical institutions have guidelines on how their data should be access, saved and reviewed. They don’t know the technical parts of how the app should be made or what specific framework to use.

As for vue framework validation, they provided this in their documentation: Security — Vue.js.

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