[V4] Tabs -> Page <- Back (crash)

I’ve started a new project using the tabs template, so my app component is:


My current url is http://blablabla/home/(menuchooser:menuchooser)

Inside the 3rd tab, there is a navigation link:

<ion-item detail href="/menuchooser/qrcode">
	<ion-icon slot="start" src="assets/svg/qrcode.svg" size="large"></ion-icon>
	<ion-label>{{"MENUCHOOSER.QRCODE_OPTION" | translate}}</ion-label>

The navigation is fine and the new page is on screen.

		<ion-buttons slot="start">
			<ion-back-button defaultHref="/home/(menuchooser:menuchooser)" text=""></ion-back-button>

		<ion-title>{{"MENUCHOOSER.KEYBOARD.TITLE" | translate}}</ion-title>

My current url is http://blablabla/menuchooser/qrcode

Now I click my back button, the tabs page is displayed, but the url is wrong: http://blablabla/home (it deletes the (menuchooser:menuchooser) part!

No apparent problem, but if I hit F5, no tab will be loaded, because there is no /home route. And I can’t make a redirect from empty to some tab because everytime the navigation backs to the tabpages, this default route is used (so it won’t back to the previous selected tab, it will back to the default tab).

Question 1: Why the back button is not automagicaly being inserted (not sure if it is suposed to do that).
Question 2: How I globally change the back label of back buttons? (I need to i18n them, even the automatic ones)
Question 3: What I’m doing wrong in the navigation? Just want to show a tabs page that will navigate to another page, then back to the correct tab.

Note: the browser back button works fine (i.e.: if I’m in the second page and hit the browser back button, it will back correctly to /home/(menuchooser:menuchooser).